Canary Wharf Muslim Association [WharfMA] presents:


with Ustadh Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad*

Date: Tuesday 11th September 2012
Time: 6pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Idea Store Canary Wharf, Churchill Place,
Canary Wharf, London E14 5RB

Surah Furqan is the 25th Chapter of the Holy Quran. The name
is derived from the very first verse which describes the Quran
as ‘The Criterion’ to distinguish between right and wrong which
God Almighty sent down as “a warning to all the worlds” (25:1).

In this chapter we are told that many people will regret on the
Day of Judgment for choosing the wrong friends and not following
the way of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet (SAW) will himself
complain to God against his followers for abandoning the Quran
saying: “O my Lord! My people have abandoned the Quran!” (25:30).

We have seven major duties towards the Quran; belief, respect,
recitation, understanding, reflection, action and propagation.
Scholars such as Imam Ibn al-Qayyim have mentioned that if we
fail to fulfil our responsibilities towards the Quran, then we
would be seen as abandoning the Quran in that respect. Surah
al-Furqan ends with a beautiful description of twelve
characteristics of the Servants of the Merciful (‘Ibadur Rahman).

In this session of the monthly Journey Through the
Qur’an series, we will examine the history, structure
and guidance provided in this Surah and its
contemporary relevance.

All welcome - Notes included
Please bring a copy of the Quran and pray mat for asr/ maghrib.

Attendance of previous sessions not necessary
and no pre-requisite knowledge required.
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