Canary Wharf Muslim Association [WharfMA] presents:

with Ustadh Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad*

Date: Tuesday 27th March 2012
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Venue: Idea Store Canary Wharf, Churchill Place,
Canary Wharf, London E14 5RB

Surah Ta-Ha is the 20th Chapter of the Quran that was revealed
in the same period as the previous Chapter (Surah Maryam)
around the time of the first migration of the early Muslims
to Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ) in the 5th year after Prophethood.
This Surah was revealed before Umar bin al-Khattab as we
know from his conversion story that it was the recitation
of the first portions of Surah Ta-Ha to Umar that led to his
conversion to Islam. So in some ways, the background to both
Surahs Maryam and Ta-Ha are similar.

This Sürah begins by saying that this Quran is sent by Word as
an admonition to direct people to the Right Path and not cause
them distress. Then the story of Prophet Moses to show the
Quraysh that they are behaving like the Pharoah to the Prophet
and that he will become victorious like Moses. After that,
the story of Adam is told as if to tell the Quraysh: “The way
you are following is the way of Shaytãn, whereas the right way
for people to follow is that of their forefather Adam, who was
seduced by Shaytãn, but when he realized his error, he plainly
confessed, repented and returned to the service of Allah."

In this session of the monthly Journey Through the
Qur’an series, we will examine the history, structure
and guidance provided in this Surah and its
contemporary relevance.

All welcome - Notes included
Please bring a copy of the Quran and pray mat for maghrib.

Attendance of previous sessions not necessary
and no pre-requisite knowledge required.
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