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Canary Wharf Muslim Association [WharfMA] presents:



with Ustadh Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad*

Date: Tuesday 27th September 2011
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Venue: Idea Store Canary Wharf, Churchill Place,
Canary Wharf, London E14 5RB
Both Surahs 13 and 14 were revealed towards the end of the Prophet’s
Mission in Makkah.  Chapter 13 is named after a reference to thunder
is verse 13 of the Surah where we are told that the thunder glorifies
the praise of Allah.  The main theme of Sürah Ra’ad is that the Message
of Allah is the Truth and it is a mistake for people to reject it.
Chapter 14 is named after Prophet Ibrahim, the ‘Father of the Prophets’,
who is a role model of the ideal Muslim (i.e. one who submits to God). 
His name is mentioned the most in the Qur’an after Prophet Musa.  The
Surah mentions the prayers the Patriarch made for the people of Makkah
and the Final Prophet, which were fulfilled some 2,500 years later. 
The Surah ends by giving consolation to the oppressed that God is
watching the oppressors who will have to answer for their heinous crimes.
In this session of the monthly Journey Through the
Qur’an series, we will examine the history, structure
and guidance provided in these Surahs and their
contemporary relevance.


All welcome - Notes included
Please bring a copy of the Quran and pray mat


Attendance of previous sessions not necessary
and no pre-requiste knowledge required.


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Limited spaces only and entrance via bookings
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